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Honmono da

YOU'RE the Fake One

Riku Replica
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  • riku alone
This is an RP journal for landels and landels_redux

Name: The Riku Replica
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Age: appears 16
Hair Color: silver
Eye Color: aquamarine (that's a light greenish-blue for you straight men out there)
Height: 5'11"
Other Characteristics: very muscular
"Real Name":
(landels) Davy Jones
(landels_redux) Morgan Davis
Room #:
(landels) D8
(landels_redux) M48

Weapons: Keyblade-sword called Soul Eater
Where he hides things: Somewhere on his person
General Items: Just Soul Eater which has to be summoned and disappears when not in use.